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The design of the living environment contributes significantly to human welfare. Just think of unimpeded mobility, a clean and safe environment, appropriate housing and good health care. AT Osborne contributes to this with sustainable solutions. Our focus is on future-proof infrastructure, a healthy society and a sustainable living environment. Our motto is: 'Urban Matters, People Matter'.

We make connections, between parties involved, between plans and practice and between the client and ourselves. We are tenacious, because we know from experience that there is a solution for every problem. With over 150 specialists, (legal) consultants and (project) managers, we work with our clients towards the best result.

As a professional at AT Osborne you work on special projects with a major impact. An impact on the immediate living environment and therefore of importance to society. Projects you can be proud of.

AT Osborne is 'a Great Place to Work' for a reason. We offer you all the freedom and responsibility you need to determine your own agenda. You work for inspiring clients on complex projects that require a substantive and pragmatic approach. In addition to a challenging range of projects, as a consultant you will have access to a network of 150 smart colleagues who are just as knowledgeable as you are. Various professional groups and consultations offer you the opportunity to keep your knowledge up to date and to sound out issues. Through the AT Osborne Academy we also invest in an extensive range of training courses from which you can choose. AT Osborne characterizes itself as a professional work environment with dedicated and creative go-getters. Besides being hard workers, we are real team players and we think having fun is just as important! We regularly organize team outings, drinks, lectures and sports activities.

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