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Heijmans is a versatile company in which real estate, housing, utilities (construction, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering) and infrastructure (roads and civil engineering) work together. Do you want to contribute to the contours of the Netherlands? Then come work at Heijmans and build projects like highways, universities, bridges, hospitals and apartment complexes. Our projects are located across the country. Think for example of the A1 between Apeldoorn and Azelo or the build of Amsterdam Vertical in Sloterdijk. But, we also do projects of a smaller scale, like het Straatje in Delft .
Within Heijmans you are contributing to the entire process of realizing a project. From engineering to realization to the maintenance. Through this you can see what goes into building the project and how it is utilized. That is what makes working at Heijmans divers and super interesting. With approximately 4,500 colleagues, you can build the spatial contours of tomorrow with us. Together we create beautiful projects of lasting value, for our customers and for society. It determines our success.
Do you want to become a part of that? Heijmans offers a range of opportunities to develop and challenge yourself. You can do an internship in the field of BIM, circularity, realization, engineering, tender management, client management or construction. We also offer a traineeship in which you can get a taste of everything Heijmans has to offer and at the same time follow a training program for a flying start to your career.
We give you the space to discover what your ambition is, what you can do and what suits you. And we offer you the guidance and facilities that you can expect from a professional company. So that you can make optimal use of your talents and possibilities

  1. Management
  2. Building Technology
  3. Landscape
  4. Urbanism
  • National
  • 5000
  • 1923