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RoosRos Architects is a nationally-operating, full-service architecture agency with over sixty employees. We make architecture. And have been for over sixty years. Whether the project is small or large, simple or complex, we ensure it's technically sound down to the smallest detail. Created within your budget and exceeding your expectations. We manage every project from concept development to technical execution and construction supervision. Regardless of whether it’s a private commission or a large-scale multifunctional development.
Our team consists of a mix of young enthusiastic talents and solid experienced practical experts. From our offices in Oud-Beijerland and Goes, we strive to realise meaningful architecture.
RoosRos stands for Respectful Stewardship. We feel a sense of responsibility for creating living, residential and work environments that contribute to people's happiness and well-being. Not only today but tomorrow as well, for current and future generations alike. There's a reason we centre our efforts on the mission of ‘respectful stewardship’. We feel a duty to make every effort to both preserve our world and to leave it in the best possible shape once we are gone.
Our mission has given rise to a vision: that of creating healthy and future-oriented designs.

  1. Architecture
  2. Urbanism
  3. Building Technology
  4. Interior
  • National
  • 60
  • 1953