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Shift architecture urbanism is a Rotterdam based design office that operates both beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture and at the same time within the hard core of architecture. In both cases, we believe that architecture should be there to make a difference, or shouldn’t be there at all.

Shift strives for a craftsmanship attitude throughout each phase of the architectural process. Experiment and originality are balanced with skill and precision. Rather than on the newness, the focus is on performance. The office finds it its task to safeguard the integrality of each project. Shift takes responsibility for the architecture of the entire process: from sketch to realization.

Shift stands for a proactive approach to relevant spatial issues shaping the contemporary environment. The office engages in self-initiated research-by-design studies on themes as transport, infrastructure, sports and (the public domain of) the city. In these studies, Shift visualizes future scenarios through specific spatial interventions charged with form, program and typology.

  1. Architecture
  2. Urbanism
  3. Interior
  • Nationaal
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  • 2005