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JHK is a medium-sized award winning architectural firm with a broad field of work. Our history goes back to 1955 and our activities stretch from large commercial and public utility projects to reuse, transformation, housing, educational and interior projects. In our team of 30 professionals creativity and enthusiasm are combined with extensive knowledge and experience.

We welcome young architects and engineers to join our firm and develop their skills within our team. Our Utrecht based office is situated in the dynamic Werkspoorkwartier, an area that has been appointed as a leading circular hub for startups and creative companies.

Highly technical, super-efficient and future-building: those are the pillars of JHK Architecten. With 65 years of proven concepts and constant development under our belt, we have a long tradition in sustainability and flexibility – both of which are key topics in today’s society. We create futureproof buildings that allow change to happen.

Our projects illustrate this attitude. Parking Lammermarkt in Leiden, for example, is a parking garage for 525 parking spaces that, going up to 25 meter underground, is the deepest in Western Europe. Efficiency enabled by highly technical craftsmanship has turned the parking garage into an artistic underground cathedral.

Amongst our award winning projects is the transformation of a former monumental energy plant into a cinema: Lumière Maastricht. Another excellent example is the transformation of an old carpentry factory, now the office of engineering consultancy GustoMSC. Also we realized the new maths and sciences faculty for the University of Leiden. All leading projects that are fit for the future

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