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Van Zanten advisory engineers, ZRi for short, was founded in 1991 as a construction engineering and construction physics consultancy. Over the years, these technical consultancy activities have been expanded to include subjects such as fire safety, sustainability and drawing up programs of requirements. In addition, soon after the establishment, we focused on the construction process: project management, (new) construction organization strategies and tendering and contracting; we also regularly conduct feasibility studies for clients. These activities are now also part of our regular consultancy work.

Our consultants have knowledge of and experience with both technology and the construction process. These disciplines - technology and construction process - support each other. For example, we give a technically substantiated interpretation to our project management, for example. Conversely, we easily adapt our technical advice to the design of a project. In addition, our expertise in technology and the construction process ensures that we are often involved in one project in different ways. For example, in a project we sometimes provide project management as well as advice on sustainability and energy.

The projects we work on can be relatively small and simple, but also large and complex. Over the years, we have strengthened knowledge with extensive experience. As a result, we provide expert advice throughout the country and during every project phase. We ensure efficient communication with the help of modern means. These recommendations concern several disciplines: 
- Procurement and contracting: 
- Building physics and Building technology: 
- Building management

  1. Building Technology
  2. Management
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