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KuiperCompagnons has been based in the Van Nelle factory since 2003. With a fixed core of 80 employees, we provide services for the development of innovative and integrated spatial (re)development visions, strategies and designs. Over the last 100 years we have noticed that plans that are only conceived on the drawing board have little chance of success. Plans must be created for- and with people. People are the starting point in our work. The quality of our plans will only be visible and tested after realization. The clients, but especially the users, are the real litmus test. Our concepts are their world, their city, neighborhood, street, playground, house. This is not always about grand-vision or iconic projects, and if they are such, then that is because the users, the residents experience the projects as such. We do it for them.
Within the broad framework in which we operate, we have a focus on the following themes: Transformation of Areas, Transformation of Buildings, Planning Law, Housing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Sustainability, Circular building and for the international market Liveable Cities. Within these themes, our disciplines are united in urban planning, architecture, spatial planning and landscape. Our ambition and energy to be able to nurture, fight, invent and create space in the coming century is therefore boundless.

  1. Architecture
  2. Urbanism
  3. Landscape
  • National
  • 80
  • 1916