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For us, architecture is giving form in a meaningful way.

An abstract idea comes alive within a set context and results in a uniquely designed spatial story. This is how we create valuable places for people, society and the environment.

In a dynamic and fast digitalizing world architecture has a wonderful slowness, but simultaneously brings a large responsibility that we eagerly take.

From this philosophy we work with a team of architects, Revit modellers and project leaders on several projects, ranging from product to urban design. This way we can give attention to our designs on every level, from concept to detail and from first sketch to the act of construction.

As the world is changing we need new typologies and new answers for nowadays and future questions. Therefor doing research is an import part of what we do. Sometimes this is related to a project and sometimes it is on our own initiative.

We are architecten van Mourik.

  1. Architecture
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  3. Building Technology
  4. Urbanism
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