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Atelier PRO architects is located in a green and serene area of the Hague. It houses a team of 40 professionals, actively engaged in architecture, interior and urban design. The word ‘atelier’ in the name of the office, embodies the informal atmosphere of the workplace. We are passionate when it comes to work, but we also enjoy spending time together and have fun in the process. Our approach consists of generating a strong connection between the architecture and its context. This is done on an urban scale, as well as in the more detailed aspects of a project. As a consequence, as much attention is given to materiality-craftmanship, as to volumetric composition and program. On these principles, atelier PRO creates an architecture that reinforces the sense of place, activates social engagement, and motivates people to develop themselves. Our work covers a wide range of medium and large scale projects, with a focus on educational and healthcare buildings.

  1. Interior
  2. Architecture
  • International
  • 40
  • 1976