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Paul de Ruiter Architects believes in a green future. It’s why sustainable innovation has been the cornerstone of our practice since we opened for business in 1994. Buildings such as the Unilever Foods Innovation Centre, the QO lifestyle hotel in Amsterdam and the Biosintrum knowledge and innovation centre (95% of which consists of bio-based material) testify to our reputation as world leaders in the practice of sustainable architecture and trailblazers in building according to circular principles, and we boast a portfolio of sustainability-certified energy-neutral buildings unrivalled anywhere in the Netherlands.

Our designs place the human experience centre stage, and our portfolio demonstrates the synergistic relationship between sustainability and aesthetics. Furthermore, our buildings are designed to generate energy not only in a technical sense, but also in human terms. It’s why they share certain distinguishing factors, among which is a pleasant indoor climate that facilitates mental stimulation, promotes interaction among its users and supports their well-being.

Paul de Ruiter Architects' portfolio includes residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, educational buildings, public buildings, laboratories, theatres and infrastructural works.

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