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As an independent engineering firm, Deerns specialises in advice, design, and construction management in mechanical, electrical and plumbing design, building physics, energy supply and sustainability. We use our know-how to contribute to the construction of sustainable, intelligent and future-proof buildings that do what they are designed to do. Our experts understand the challenges facing our clients. In the fields we operate in, clean technology, data centres, healthcare, airport and real estate markets, we know what is important and what is needed to develop successful solutions. We can quickly offer appropriate advice and design and provide construction management and aftercare to ensure that buildings really work for people.

Working at Deerns:
How do you create a building that is a pleasant place to be in: for living, working or leisure? A building that is also healthy, comfortable and sustainable? Our building physics consultants work with clients to find the answers to these questions. Key to this process is that the building users come first. Our building physics advice focuses on reducing energy consumption, minimising material use, using sustainable materials and circularity.

Our Building Physics and Energy department consultants offer advice on aspects including:
• Fire safety
• Urban physics (sun exposure, shading, reflections, wind nuisance)
• Thermal and hygric aspects of the building shell
• Indoor climate and air quality
• Visual comfort (daylight, artificial light and lighting design)
• Acoustics (ambient noise, internal air and contact noise insulation, area acoustics, etc.)
• Energy advice at district level (sustainable alternatives for district heating)
• Energy advice at building level (energy efficiency and sustainable generation)
• Certification of buildings with BREEAM/LEED and WELL.
Our advice is based on advanced calculations and simulations and we check these with measurements including CFD simulations, dynamic energy calculations and sun exposure simulations.

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