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RUIMTEVOLK is an office dedicated to developing strategies and insights for sustainable and quality-driven spatial development. RUIMTEVOLK is a young, energetic organization with a multidisciplinary team of spatial strategists, designers en researchers. We dream big and focus on the long term future, but never lose sight of feasibility and execution. That is why all our projects include creative solutions as well as tangible, real world impact.

We have a broad variety of projects. We work on different scales – neighbourhoods, cities, regions and national level – and on different issues – from the future of agriculture to quality of life and housing in neighbourhoods. In this wide range of projects we always apply our own approach: a unique combination of research and design, aiming to connect people and places. We use design as way of understanding the world. In order to create durable solutions, we always look for new public and private partnerships in our projects.

  1. Urbanism
  2. Landscape
  • National
  • 11
  • 2007