Workshop and CV Check by Enginear
March 22th | 14.00 - 18.00
Vakwerkhuis - Delft

How to Present

The How To Present workshop takes place to help you prepare for the upcoming Speeddates and Business Fair. This workshop not only provides tips, tricks and information, but it also offers a better insight into your own qualities. The aim of this workshop is to learn how to present yourself towards firms in a professional manner and how you can position yourself in these conversations. What are you looking for in a firm and which questions can you ask to get the information you are looking for? This workshop is offered in both Dutch and English and will start in two separate rounds. Enginear will kick both rounds off with a lecture open for all students.

CV Check / Pitch Workshop

After the lecture, students who have signed up for the workshop will be able to have their personal CV's checked by one of the career advisors of Enginear. During the same workshop, students work on a pitch assignment exploring their own qualities and how to present these. The workshop ends with the students presenting their pitches and receiving feedback from the career advisors in small groups. Sign up here before March 17th for the workshop in English or Dutch!

Watch the How to CV video and get started on building yours!
Download Hoe maak ik een goed CV? (pdf.)
Download How to make a professional resume (pdf.)