Walk in tender by SWECO - City of the future
March 8th | 14.00 - 17.00
Hall K - Faculty of Architecture
Win a drawing tablet!

How We Create

How will we live together in fifty years? What are the challenges for this city of the future?
Together with experts from Sweco Urban Insight, we will investigate three different topics: climate adaptation, smart mobility and the safe and healthy city.

How We Create is a workshop of discussion, exploration and research by design. The workshop is free to attend without signing in. Every hour (14.00/15.00/16.00) we start with a new round of guided brainstorming according to the World Café method, discussing various problems, opportunities and possible solutions with the experts from Sweco. After these conversations, we will convert ideas to visualizations, exploring them by design: each student can contribute by creating their own small urban fragment, all fragments together forming a model: The City of the Future, that will be exhibited after the workshop. There will be prices for the best additions to the city model: a drawing tablet, an ergonomic mouse and a vvv-voucher!

I will be there!

The Sweco Experts

Climate Adaptation - Jart Ligterink

  • How to make an urban living environment resistant to extreme weather?
  • What are creative solutions for storing and the reuse of rainfall and water?
  • How do climate adaptive solutions relate to other urban design themes?

Smart Mobility - Ramon Anbeek

  • What hierarchy of infrastructure will be used in the city of the future?
  • How far will people travel in the city of the future?
  • How can we make mobility design inclusive?

Save and Healthy City - Anne van Loenen

  • What does a healthy and safe city entail for different target groups?
  • In what ways does the city impact the physical and mental health of residents and users?
  • How do you ensure that this theme continues not only in easy and obvious places, but also in functionless and "unusable" places?