• Powerhouse Company - kick-off lecture


    WATCH THE LIVESTREAM HERE: https://hopin.com/events/opening-lecture

  • Fokkema & Partners - closing lecture


    Fokkema & Partners design meaningful spaces, architecture that connects to a bigger story. Health and well-being are always top of mind, today even more so and the results are apparent in their architecture. The BAU event series are coming to a close with a lecture from Fokkema & Partners. Fokkema & Partners will talk about spatial concepts and creating communities. Whether it’s to work, to learn, to consume, get inspired or to relax: they start with what people share and what connects them. Within the development of contemporary architecture, designing from a user-based perspective means that Fokkema & Partners often have a key position in the force field between the developer and the end-user. Since 1995 they have designed a vast body of interiors, renovations, building transformations and new constructions, as well as the day-to-day working environment of more than 100,000 people. And then one day, we all started working from home. Will this bring about a permanent transformation in the way we work, live and build our relationships? How do we stay connected to a bigger story. Do you have any questions, email them to BAU! Live Streamed on 22 March at 12:45, from the Vakwerkhuis on HopIn.