Business at University

On the 29th of March 2017, the third edition of BAU takes place at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment from the Delft University of Technology.

The core of BAU is the career fair where companies can present themselves. The career day has as goal to bring students, graduates and companies closer together. Besides the business fair, we will organise case studies, lectures and speed dates. The career orientation and the development of the students will be the main focus of these activities.

Business Fair

The business fair is the heart of the BAU day. This day will take place in and around the ‘Orange hall’ of the faculty. The goal of the fair is to get you in contact with all the companies. The fair is open to all students, from first-year bachelor- to master students. The BAU fair is your chance to experience around 20 companies ranging from architecture to real estate. They will present themselves and are eager to get in touch with you!


Kick-off forum

What you don't learn in Architecture School

We as architecture students live in a ‘bubble’, are you ready for the real world? Take a look outside of University life. What does it take to be an architect? What skills do you need? How do you deal with things as money, customers and co-workers? What is it like entering practice? This is what BAU is about.

As kick-off a discussion: ‘The Skills of the Architect’ A point of view from companies, TU Delft, and you! Start your day inspired and get prepared.



First of all, what is a case? A case study will make you familiar with the core business of the participating companies in a practical hands-on way. Each company designed a case particularly for BAU2017 and are really looking forward to meeting you!  Together with a small group of fellow students, you will do the case study in the rooms around the Orange Hall.

Cases round 1

Gemeente Delft (NL) | FULL

Bestuur & beleid

Benthem Crouwel Architects | FULL


Kubus | FULL

BIM modelling
In deze workshop wordt in verschillende groepen een bestaande locatie in de stad bestudeerd. De perspectieven die aan bod komen: 1. Vanuit de ontwerper (architectonisch en functioneel); 2. Vanuit de Gemeente (wet- & regelgeving); 3. Omwonenden (eigenbelangen).
Wat betekenen de behoorlijk verschillende invalshoeken voor de uiteindelijke invulling van de locatie? Lukt het de belangengroepen tot elkaar te komen en is de locatie dan nog steeds op een goede manier ingevuld of ontstaat er een grijs compromis?
This case is about a tender in which Benthem Crouwel has participated. The case starts by giving some information about tenders where civil engineering and architecture meet and examples of different bridges Benthem Crouwel has designed.
Students are invited to come up with their own solutions, tap into their creativity and explain them in Dynamo.
At the end of the case, we will discuss the designs, including those by Benthem Crouwel, looking at the possibilities, impossibilities and expectation.
The ultimate goal is to apply BIM during the whole life cycle of a building. This demands quality of the BIM models. This quality is achieved by modelling, classifying and validating the BIM models the right way. You can test the program of requirements and regulations and also combine different models to perform a clash detection. Eventually, all the issues that are found within the team can be communicated to a cloud-based portal in a structured way and can be solved. In this case, you will work with the best BIM tools so you can approach the process with confidence. So don’t wait and invest in your future and participate in this workshop.

Cases round 2


Bestuur & beleid


Architectural entrepreneurship


Building technology
Tijdens deze casus zoomen we in op één van onze transformatieprojecten. We nemen jullie mee in het verloop van een specifiek transformatieproces van ontwerp tot en met realisatie en de uitdagingen die we tegenkomen in ons proces. Aansluitend worden in groepsverband de volgende onderwerpen behandeld en gepresenteerd: 1. Verbeteren van de kwaliteit van het ontwerp; 2. Optimaliseren van de ‘Koopmans Werkwijze’ in dit transformatieproces; 3. Maximaal benutten van de mogelijkheden in het bestemmingsplan.
We think that entrepreneurship is not getting enough attention. While it’s an interesting design task during the creation of a project. The role of the architect is changing and more architects will move to this discipline.
How we tackle this at Groosman we will show you during the case. Besides that, we challenge you to think about the following question: how can you formulate your own projects as a creative and undertaking architect?
The case study ‘Methodical design’ is about conceiving an integrated design for a tall building. The task is to come up with concepts for the construction, the façade and a comfortable, functional and flexible interior. During the process, the following questions pop up: what are the initial requirements? How to merge the different ideas together? Can the shape of the building be combined with the methodical design? And how to control all the risks?
During this case, you will work with a team on a pressure- cooking project: how to consciously use integrated design as a way to create an experience for feasible architecture.


Speed dates | FULL

By participating in the speed dates you will speak with several companies individually. The speed dates consist of different rounds, in this way you will get to know multiple companies more personally in a short period of time. These companies are glad to answer all your questions about the software they use, required qualities and the role of interns.



De Mannen van Schuim

Concept developers




Pitch/profilering workshop (NL) 27 Maart (FULL)

Altijd al willen werken aan je CV, of juist nieuwe technieken leren over het profileren op de huidige markt. Flexurance heeft een programma samengesteld waarin je leert jezelf op de markt te zetten, meer te weten krijgt over pitchen en je CV kunt insturen voor tips en tricks.

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