In February 2021, Stylos delivered the Nieuw Delft Observation Tower in collaboration with the municipality. Based on an innovative circular construction method, the temporary tower is held together without the use of glue, nails, bolts or screws - only contact force (or friction).

Now reaching the end of its first life, the tower is due to be disassembled and the components repurposed for a second life.

Join the project managers, designers and builders from the Nieuw Delft Observation Tower team for this free exciting desktop workshop; a pilot program for implementing circularity in the curriculum. We will explore alternate interventions to be achieved by utilising the construction method and materials from the existing tower, in the form of physical model making at 1:10 scale.

Max 30 participants, so register quickly! Sign-up deadline is 23:59 on Friday 10th December, 2021.
Due to the pandemic restrictions, the workshop will be held on Zoom.
Model materials will be provided for free. Please be aware you will need to collect your material kit from Delft between Monday 13th at 12:00 and Wednesday 15th December at 12:00. (More details to follow after registration).
Participants will only need to provide cutting mats and scalpels / stanley knifes.

Organised by Stylos in cooperation with the Circular Built Environment Hub, as part of the C-Impulse initiative - Integrating Circularity in BK-education.