The Stylos Fund is a foundation dedicated to support independent initiatives by engineering and architecture students since 1984. This includes lectures, workshops, exhibitions and other study-related activities offering a relevant addition to the regular education programs offered at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft. The fund provides grants and interest-free payment advances, ideas, and immaterial support, since the board members of the Stylos Fund have an extensive list of interesting contacts. Students are welcome to present their initiatives to the board of the Stylos Fund and to apply for funding. Together with study association Stylos, the board of the Stylos Fund is happy to assist you and to facilitate your ideas. The Stylos Fund subsidies are entirely made possible by donations of its contributors. Among these contributors are architects, urban planners, professors, graduates, agencies, consultants - all wishing to invest in the development of the students of our faculty.


When applying for the fund, the following criteria are of importance for the application:

  • The relevance of the event for students of architecture must be clear.
  • All students of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment have to be able to join the event.
  • The necessity of the contribution by the Stylos Fund must be clear.
  • The amount of funding requested from the Stylos Fund must be substantiated.
  • No profit can be made by the event.
  • A budget plan in the form of a balance must be included in the application.


Once the application is handed in, the board of the Stylos Fund will decide whether the grant is honoured during one of its meetings. During this meeting, the board makes a decision about 75% of the grant that is applied for. The final 25% will be paid once the board has seen the exploitation. With this procedure, the board makes sure that no profit is made on the event. Should it be the case that the Stylos Fund does not have the financial means to support the application, the board can decide to support the application for only a part of the requested amount or to reject the application. The board of the Stylos Fund always reserves the right to reject a request for application, even though this application is in line with the requirements.


The board of the Stylos Fund consists of: Roberto Cavallo (chairman), Emma Tulp (secretary), Sophie Verheugd (treasurer), Nick Coes, Leontine de Wit, Laura Ubachs, Sjoerd Wortelboer, Lenneke Slangen, Valerie Heesakkers and Thijs Reitsma.
For questions concerning the Stylos Fund, please contact fund@stylos.nl.

2019 - Bouwen met Delft (Stylos) 
2018 - Grote Reis (Stylos)