“Aerospace Engineering has a wind tunnel, Electrical Engineerging, Math, Physics & Computer Science have their laboratories but Architecture has a planet full of buildings.” professor and engineer Hein de Haan once said. More than 50 years ago the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment decided to call for a committee to formulate criteria to examine the aim of trips organized by students. Each student is once along his or her study eligible to apply for the so-called Stylos Grant to join an excursion. Currently, the possible financial aid is €100,- per person. For questions concerning the Stylos Travel Grant, contact info@stylos.nl.

In order to apply for funding from the Stylos Travel Grant, the form below has to be filled out. Make sure to read the general requirements and hand-in requirements before filling out the form.

Rules and regulations

1. Trips should be organized by students or student organizations. The organizational responsibility needs to clearly be in the hands of the students.
2. Participation is open for registration for all students of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Therefore, a public announcement of registration needs to be made.
3. Trips that are part of the fixed academic curriculum and subsequently, linked to credits (ECTS) are not eligible for funding from the Stylos Travel Grant.
4. Exchange students are excluded from financial aid from the Stylos Travel Grant.
5. A report of the trip should be published either in a booklet, a periodical or shown in a (digital) exhibition in order to share the obtained knowledge to the faculty community and others.
6. Participants have to be in possession of at least 70 ECTS, the full 60 ECTS of the bachelor program's first year (propedeuse), a HBO-diploma or be registered at Delft University of Technology as a master's student.
7. The group should consist of at least 8 participants and a maximum of 25 participants.
8. The excursion has to endure at least 6 days.
9. The making of an excursion guide and (online) publication of the trip is obligatory.
10. The excursion has to be supervised by a professor.
11. The participants have to be in the possession of travel insurance.
12. The (max. 2) students who are in charge of the organization of the trip receive an extra amount of €50 on top of the standard financial aid.
13. Students can only once in their study period apply for funding from the Stylos Travel Grant.
14. Accompanying professors are also eligible to receive funding from the Stylos Travel Grant.
15. The application for funding from the Stylos Travel Grant need to be handed in at least 6 weeks before departure.
16. The funding will be transferred to the participants individually.
17. Annually, the fund is split in two parts. From the 1st of January until the 30th of June and from the 1st of July until the 31st of December. If the fund is empty, it is no longer possible to apply for funding in that part of the year.
18. Trips connected to courses in either the bachelor or master’s program are excluded from funding from the Stylos Travel Grant. The trips should be extracurricular.
19. The payment of the Stylos Travel Grant will only proceed if all requirements are met.

Hand-in requirements

Within at the latest 3 months (90 days) after the excursion, the following documents need to be handed in, using this form:

1. A list of all participants applying for funding including their signatures.
(saved as: TravelGrant_Signatures_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
2. A digital list (using this template) of the participants with personal data (study numbers, home address, e-mail address, IBAN, amount of ECTS/MSc).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Participants_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
3. The excursion program guide.
(saved as: TravelGrant_ExcursionGuide_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
4. An overview of expenses and income juxtaposed with the budget (financial balance).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Balance_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
5. Receipts (all categorically pasted on A4 paper).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Receipts_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
6. The original receipts of travel costs (rental cars, buses, trains, flight costs and local travel).
(saved as: TravelGrant_TravelCosts_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
7. The original receipts of accommodation expenses.
(saved as: TravelGrant_AccommodationCosts_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
8. The original receipts of entry fees.
(saved as: TravelGrant_EntryFees_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
9. An aftermovie of the excursion.
(saved as: TravelGrant_Aftermovie_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
10A written report, suitable for (online) publication (for example on a website).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Report_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)

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