The Stylos Pavilion is designed and built by a team of students as the symbol for the 175th anniversary of Delft University of Technology. Technological innovations, developed in these 175 years and the future, are products of collaborations between different people. By working together, we can create a bigger effect.

Photo: Adriaan van Dam

To represent this innovative mindset of the TU Delft, the Stylos Pavilion was designed around the theme: ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. A pavilion, made of different small elements, combined together making a big impression. One element symbolizes a person, an idea, an innovation, a technology or a year. Different parts also represent the faculties of the TU Delft, who interact, collaborate and form the university, the whole.

As the theme of the 175th anniversary ‘Technology for Life’ states, technology and innovation is about improving people’s lives and thereby leaving a mark. We would like to invite you all to leave your mark here, as symbol of your contribution to the university, thereby making it a pavilion by and for everyone.

Thinking of the future, sustainability is something that cannot be ignored. In this pavilion, most of the materials will be returned to the suppliers, who will re-use these materials, so they will not go to waste.