Meet our team!

Eleni Michael - Project Manager

I am the project manager of the team. I am from Cyprus and I am currently doing my Master in Construction Management and Engineering. My task is to plan the schedule and to manage the budget. I wanted to see in practice what I‘ve been studying about last year and learn through this process. It’s also the perfect way to practise my dutch!

Vera van Maaren - Process Manager

To guide this project in a proper way, the role of ‘process manager’ exists. And I am the lucky one to fulfill this challenging role! With a lot of enthusiasm I stimulate this driven team in creativity and process. Last year I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and the Built Environment with a minor in Communication Design. The upcoming period is a learning period on architectural, communicative and group dynamic aspects.

Jill van Remundt - External Affairs

If you want to get involved in this project or have useful knowledge/materials, you can call me! I will be the one taking care of the external affairs and I am looking forward to be in contact with a lot of companies and experts. Together we will make this project a huge success! After two years of studying, I have now put my studies aside for half a year to put all my time and energy in this special project. I think it is a great opportunity to put everything I learned so far into practice! I seized the chance to develop myself without any doubt.

Carlijn Beerepoot - Public Relations

In this team I am responsible for the Public Relations. Last year I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and the Built Environment. This year I wanted to gain some practical experience, which is why I am excited to be part of this project. As the PR-manager, I will make sure you will get just as excited about this project as I am!

Cas de Heij - Architect

Hi! During this project I’m one of the two architects, who will be responsible for the design of the ‘Pavilion’. This project is a great change to gain some experience, and of course the dream of every architecture student: realizing your design!


Jeroen Wassing - Building Engineer

One of my favourite things to do, is to fabricate a project that I helped designing. My task as a building engineer is to make sure we are able to build the design, and that it doesn’t fall over when we are finished.

Linde Jorritsma - Building Engineer

As one of the building engineers in this project I will work on the feasibility of the design. I have always seen this as an interesting area in the design process, the design you dream of has to be realistically worked out at some point. In the design projects of the Bachelor this sometimes felt as an unimportant issue. The end result would stick to the design only, this time ‘though it will actually be realized! I definitely wanted to grab this challenge and learn a lot from it.


Photographs by Marcel Bilow