Week 19 - the final week!

It’s done! In the last week we dotted the I’s and crossed the t’s! Unfortunately, the weather circumstances were far from ideal, so we had to work extra hard to get everything done before Friday. In those days we placed the last aluminium columns, and connected the electricity cables, so the lights would work. Additionally, we did the final preparations for the opening, such as arranging the effects for the opening itself (fireworks!), as well as making the posters for the exhibition.

Then on Friday, the opening took place! We began with some drinks in the Aula with all the people that helped us during the past months. Here we gave a short presentation about the project itself, the process and the design. Then it was time to officially open the pavilion by putting on all the lights! Afterwards we had some drinks with everyone who was interested in the i.d. Kafee.

Despite the fact that some things did not go exactly according to plan, it gave us a lot energy to see all the things we have worked on in the last few months, finally coming together!

Until the 6th of July you can visit the pavilion, in front of the TU Delft Aula, leave your mark and see what we have accomplished!


Week 18

The second week of the Christmas holidays did not mean much spare time for us! With the opening coming closer and closer, we worked very hard this week to try to avoid as many last-minute stress as possible. Thus this week, we placed and arranged all the floor panels. We finished the prefabrication of the aluminium columns as well and made a good start with placing them in the floors, although this appeared to be more difficult than expected. This week we also did a lot of preparations for the opening, for example arranging the rooms for the presentation before the opening and a place to have drinks afterwards.


Week 17

The Christmas Holidays have begun! After taking a short break during Christmas, we soldered as many as 144 LED-strips to the cables. Thereby we tested the lights as well, we can make almost every color! Next to that, we continued gluing the aluminium columns, as well as painting them.
Also, the invitations for the opening have been sent and the last posters are spread throughout the city. We still have a lot of steps to take before the 13th!


Week 16

This week we spent a lot of time in our workspace, glueing the aluminium columns together, sanding them and preparing all the columns to be painted.
At the building site, we sawed the wooden beams for the floor and, as the floor panels were delivered, the first part of the floor was assembled. In the meantime, we are making a time-lapse of the building process, so we can see how the pavilion is built up in time. Although we will proceed working during the holidays, we ended the year together at the ‘end of the year drinks’ at the faculty!


Week 15

There is no turning back now! The building site is prepared, the specific location is measured, the fences are placed and we even have a small site office. When you see the site from above, you realize how big it is going to be! On Tuesday we participated in ‘Lichtjesavond’ in the city centre of Delft at the St. Agatha square. Here, we showed a short animation about our design, made by Onno Gieling. This animation was projected on a screen of aluminum columns, referring to our design. We explained to people from Delft about our project and invited them to leave their mark on the aluminium columns! This certainly resulted in some little artworks! Eventually, all these columns will be placed in the pavilion itself, so if you scratched in it, you may be able to find it again! Otherwise, you can do it again from the 13th of January until the 6th of July!


Week 14

The first materials have been delivered! Around 600 aluminum profiles are now going to be prefabricated before placing them on the building site. On Tuesday, we did a photoshoot at every faculty with pieces of the logo, carried by people from that faculty. Together they form the whole. These photos are going to be used in the promotion posters. Additionally, we put the mock-up at BK city, where the first people could leave their mark by scratching in the aluminum profiles. The remaining days were filled with deciding on and preparing all the last details about the construction, promotion and the design. Now everything is final, the execution phase has begun!


Week 13

Yet another busy week! We prepared our participation at Lichtjesavond, for which Beamerboys made an animation that tells the story behind our design. As a side-activity, we joined a brainstorm session about the Living Campus and the International Festival of Technology. Because our pavilion is located on the campus, it was really interesting to think about this. At Tuesday, we prepared the building site by moving the free zone container. Now the location is free to build the pavilion!
Another priority this week was to fix a workplace where we can prefabricate the aluminum profiles. From next week, we will be working on this in Building 5 of the campus!


Week 12

Week 12 in a nutshell: ordering materials, working out the logo, searching for a place to prefabricate the elements, contacting a contractor and making a specific light plan. This last one, for example, includes sensors and measurements of the electricity cables. Also, the MediaCo started filming our process. Additionally, this makes us aware again of what we have done so far. If everything goes right, we will get our first materials next week!


Week 11

The theme of this week was ‘light’! We tested different types of lighting in combination with the columns, as well as different colors. First we started this testing in our own room, with just a small piece of the design. But at the end of the week, we built a 1:1 mock-up in the model hall of our faculty. We also had another meeting with the advisory board. They pointed out some important things we still have to pay attention to. Now, all the elements of the design are starting to really come together!


Week 10

We can say that this was a very interesting week! For example we talked with the Lustrum committee, our client, about the opening event and the activities during the 175 days. Maybe some of these can take place in or around our pavilion! This meeting took place in the Science Centre, where they have a really interesting collection of old books and inventions, as well as paintings of well-known scientists. Wednesday afternoon we went to the lighting research department of Philips in Eindhoven. We certainly got a lot of information about different types of lighting we can use and their pros and cons. At the end of the week we thought of a concept to involve people in the design. In the end, all this new information resulted in a lot of prototyping and calling companies!


Week 9

The main goal of this week was to make sure our installation will be approved to be on the campus for 175 days. Next to that, we were making more specific  the story of our installation and what message it should give, as well as which promotion we can use for that. We have also begun prototyping! Because sometimes it’s better to prototype during darkness, we have worked until late into the evening. Also, we were positively surprised by the MediaCo from Stylos. They want to make a documentary of our process. We are already curious what the result will be!


Week 8

Already the last week of October! This week we had to decide on the floor of our installation, especially because a lot of other aspects depend on the floor and it is the basis of the whole construction. Regarding sustainability and materials, we talked to experts like Andy van den Dobbelsteen and Maarten Meijs. After switching from the one option to another and so forth, we decided on a floor type that fits best in our design as it is flexible in construction and use.
We were also busy with permit requests and projects to involve the citizens of Delft in our project and the lustrum. At the end of the week, the final shape of the design was determined. Now, the focus is on the materials!


Week 7

At the beginning of the week, Marcel Bilow brought his photography tools and made portrait photos of us! You can see the results at the tab ‘our team’ at the left of the page. Also, we visited multiple companies to see whether we could use their product, for example bamboo, other types of wood and specific types of lighting. In the weekend we went to Eindhoven to visit the Dutch Design Week. This is a big event where Dutch designers can show their newest creations. We saw some interesting things, for example materials. We were looking for examples that could provide inspiration in the further development of our design. However, it was a nice team activity to finish the week and to start off a new one!


Week 6

As all our individual functions are quite different, we focused on personal meetings for every specific function. On Wednesday, we did a game with case studies to improve our teamwork and to have more efficient meetings!


Week 5

We had to make many decisions on the design and it takes some time to come to an agreement when there are different views on a certain subject within the team. Think of the shape of the whole object, its dimensions and the location. However, after some meetings with experts from other faculties, we managed to make decisions on these subjects at Friday by having a Go/No Go session. With this kind of deadlines, we are speeding up the process!


Week 4

This week we mostly worked in three divided teams; the design team, the management team and the external affairs team. The design team focussed on in-depth exploration of the design possibilities, the location and materials, making renders and making decisions concerning the shape of the design, taking all financial and technical effects into account. The management team worked on the budget and planning and arranged some useful meetings. Finally, the external affairs teams started working on a logo and information booklet and made the first contact with companies and other organizations. Next week, we plan to finish the preliminary design!


Week 3

The week of decision-making! This week we defined the story of the pavilion. As Aristotle once said: ‘The whole is greater than its parts’, the pavilion will represent the individuals of the TU Delft, working together to develop technological innovations. Or in other words, many small elements together can make a big impact. This will be our starting point for the design. We have now started with more in-depth exploration of the design possibilities, concerning for example the construction, energy-levels and the degree of interaction we will incorporate in the design. For example, will we make use of very modern, futuristic techniques or do we want to go back to the basics by using manpower? Anyway, lots to do!


Week 1 & 2

Time flies! Especially when dealing with a tight schedule and a deadline set on the 13th of January. On this particular day we will celebrate the 175th anniversary of the TU Delft with the opening of the Stylos Pavilion!

Our team, the Stylos Pavilion Team, consists of a group of eight motivated students and we started this interesting project for the lustrum of the TU Delft at the 6th of September. The kick-off day started with an introduction on the assignment, followed by inspirational lectures on Circular Economy and the Prêt-a-Loger project of the TU Delft. After that, we mainly tried to get some more inspiration, for which we also visited an exhibition of Olafur Eliasson at the Boijmans van Beuningen museum. De rest of the weeks we focussed on making models, having brainstorm sessions and group discussions, a lot of sketching and a meeting with the advisory board and the lustrum committee. We finished this initial phase by defining our main design principles and the requirements for the pavilion. We will keep you informed on our further progress!