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Professional Traineeship Q&A

Two years ago the Professional Traineeship was implemented in the Netherlands to protect the titles of architects, urban designers, landscape architects en interior architects by the Architect’s Title Act. After two years, there are still many questions and uncertainties among students about the program and its value.

"Do I have to do it?"
"Why should I?"
What does it cost?"
"Can I work at a firm without having the title?"

To clear the air and to answer all questions, Stylos organises the Professional Traineeship Q&A! People from the different disciplines will tell you about their experience from different perspectives. Get to know how it works, why (or why not) it is valuable and how it has been experienced so far. More knowledge, more answers, get ready for the future!


16:00           Introduction                             
                     Bureau Architecten Register

16:15           PEP-participant                     
                     LOLA Landscape Architects | Plein06 |  RHO Adviseurs | Gemeente Rotterdam

16:30           PEP-finisher                           

16:45           BEP-participant                     

17:00            BEP-mentor + participant      
                      Fokkema & Partners

17:15            BNA Academie                        
                      Bond Nederlandse Architecten

17:30           Final Q&A