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The city where we study | Delft through the eyes of Aart Oxenaar (podcast)

In the last couple of weeks I have found myself talking to friends and teachers about the importance of going outside for a walk and looking around you. Discovering how interesting the places that you visit on a daily basis are. Discovering how much history is around you, and how interesting the buildings around you are. These are the things that give you inspiration as an architecture student.
One of the people I talked to was Aart Oxenaar, about the difficulty of finding inspiration during these times. He also mentioned that now was the time to go outside and walk. During a walk that had no end destination you can let your mind go free, he said. After this interesting talk we decided to make a sort of podcast, where Aart walks around Delft telling us about his thoughts.
The voice recording starts on the steps of the faculty, which we are all very familiar with. Whilst listening you slowly step into the shoes of Aart and you follow him during his walk through Delft.
Can you imagine the places where Aart walks whilst listening? Listen to the podcast, get out and experience the city in your own way.