As Stylos (the study association of the faculty of architecture at the TU Delft), we give companies the opportunity to share vacancies. We do this for a small fee. With this fee we can offer excursions and other interesting activities to architecture students at a lower price.

The vacancies are posted on our online vacancy database and on our offline vacancy database in the central hall of the faculty. In addition, we offer the possibility to boost the vacancies with a post on our Facebook page (approx. 2500 likes).

If you want to publish your vacancy in English as well as in Dutch, try filling in this form. 

Do you have any questions about the vacancy database? Send an email to

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Vacancy options

The vacancy options are as follows:  

Short (3 months):

  • online advertisement / € 75,-
  • online advertisement + social media support / € 150,-
  • online & offline advertisement / € 150,-
  • online & offline advertisement + social media support / € 200,-

Long (12 months):

  • online & offline advertisement + 1x possibility to change + 2x social media support / € 350,-
  • online & offline advertisement + 2x possibility to change + 3x social media support / € 450,-


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