Welcome at Architecture!

For all first year Architecture students Stylos organizes the SteeOwee.

The SteeOWee is THE weekend to get to know your new fellow students and the study for the first time. The weekend will take place from Friday, August 16 to Sunday, August 18, 2024 after which you can go straight to the OWee. The weekend costs 91.95. For the price, participants will be provided with a place to sleep for the entire weekend, breakfast, lunch and dinner excluding drinks. In addition, this is THE opportunity to get to know fellow students within a different setting. You will get to know the Faculty of Architecture, the study association Stylos, the city of Delft and of course each other. During the day there will be various activities at both the Faculty of Architecture and elsewhere in the city. In the evening there will be partying until the late hours while enjoying a beer or non-alcoholic refreshment. Quieter activities will also take place in the evening for those who need them. All in all, it promises to be an epic weekend that cannot be missed.
You can sign up through the OWee website. Here will be the option to choose the EJW of architecture and sign up through here.
Any questions can always be emailed to steeowee@stylos.nl 
Kind Regards,
SteeOWee 2024