Stud is an employment agency for students from Delft. As StuD is a non-profit organisation it puts its profits back into student initiatives. There are two options when applying for support from StuD. More information can be found here:

StuD Sponsoring

StuD can decide to financially support a student or organisation if they want to put on an original and relevant event or action.

StuD Fund

The Stud Fund is a fund that gives financial support to local students that have an initiative. Important themes that are in line with the values of StuD are: sustainability, innovation and social improvement.

FAST University Fund

Funding Ambitious Students TU Delft has the possibilities to apply for financial support and advice on how to fundraise. The four possibilities for financial support are elaborated down below. More information can be found here:

Study & Research Abroad

You can apply for this grant if you want to either study abroad or want to do research abroad.

Competition & Conference

You can apply for this grant when you want to participate in a competition that is related to the technology of the TU Delft or if you are going to present your own research at a conference.


You can apply for this grant when you are going to organise an event that is related to the technology of the TU Delft or its study program.

Ambitious ideas

FAST offers, besides the previous grants, financial support 1 to 3 times a year for ambitious ideas. The support can be as large as 15.000 euros. If your idea supports one of the follow guidelines, then get in contact with FAST.

  • Has a large potential for a positive impact on society.
    • Is innovative / organised for the first time.
    • Has a widespread reach.
    • Has its origin in the technology of the TU Delft.
  • Is fully devised and developed by students.
  • You are a TU Delft student.
  • Your idea is non-profit.


YESDELFT! believes in the use of technology and innovation to play a crucial role in society and the economy. Promising ideas and teams can be supported by the services of YES!Delft to grew into a successful company. YES!Delft has six different programs: YES!funded, YES!Talents, YES!Programs, YES!Ecosystem, Innocubes and startup corner. For more information go to:


YES!Funded supports startups with planning their financial lifecycle and getting the right funding as well as finding the right investors. This fund is accessible for all entrepreneurs no matter in which phase the start-up is in.


Here you can find jobs at start-ups so as to learn. At the Co-lab workshops you learn how you find the right cofounder for your idea. At the Talent academy you can learn how to activate your people through learning the ins and outs of human resources.


There are two different programs that you can follow. If you have a idea and technology with which you want to start a company which has a team, time planning and a business model. This is supported through the Validation LAB program. If you have a technology company that has a prototype/product and you want to enter the market, then the Accelerator Program right for you. You need to apply for both programs and there is a selection day.

Fonds 1818

Fonds 1818 support social projects from foundations, associations and social enterprises that are non-profit. Important themes are social participation and volunteer ship. An example of an initiative that is supported by this fund is the wall painting from Abtwoude Bloeit at the Aart van der Leeuwlaan, realised by Stylos in 2022.

Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs | Studie- en Reisfonds

Are you a member of KIVI and do you want to go on a study trip, graduate abroad or participate in an extra course? Then you can apply and explain your goal. You can do this throughout the year and six times a year that applications get evaluated. Every year 30 students get chosen whom can get a grant up to 1.000 euro. If you apply with a small project team, then you can get a grant up to 2.000 euro.

To apply you need to fulfil a number of requirements. These can be found on the website.