This academic year, Stylos turns 130 and therefore celebrates their 26st Lustrum with its theme: The Human Scale. 

The Human Scale is a concept that resonates well within the architecture spheres, and it is familiar to many architecture students. Simultaneously, it aligns perfectly with our vision, which focuses on enabling individual growth and development.

By examining the unique characteristics, talents, and skills of each person, you delve into the human level, the human scale. Every individual is the center of their own world, shaping a distinct scale for themselves. This serves as the benchmark for measuring and comparing oneself to others. By adopting this approach, you can discover areas where you excel and areas where you still want to grow. Consequently, you develop your strengths and weaknesses. You can then nurture these aspects by exploring new avenues and honing your skills. By implementing these improvements into your life, you can complement others' talents and optimize everyone's abilities.

It is important to emphasize that although individual development is emphasized, the focus lies in collectively applying everyone's strengths. When everyone operates according to their strengths, effectiveness is maximized.

Thus, this theme encapsulates the vision we have for the anniversary year. The theme can be expanded upon in various ways, partly because it is already a familiar concept among students at the architecture faculty. Activities can be organized to highlight different scale.