During the well-being days, the faculty focuses on the well-being of students, teachers and staff. This week has a focus on different themes of well-being, such as physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing as well as social pressure. Several workshops are given during the lunch breaks. On Wednesday evening there is a lay-down concert by Krashna Musika, the student assocation for classical music in Delft. On Friday, there is an interactive lecture where we discuss topics such as mental health, social pressure, and other questions students may have in their daily life. At the West stairs, you can find an exhibition that will make us aware how well we listen to others. The full program can be found below. Sign up by clicking on the event!

Monday 4th of December - Social Health

 Tuesday 5th of December - Study Health 

Wednesday 6th of December - Destress & Reload 

Thursday 7th of December - Diversity Day 

Friday 8th of December - Mental Health