Stylos strives to protect the quality of education for all students at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. We’re always actively collecting the opinions of students, dispersing information to students and the faculty and participating in meetings and brainstorms sessions, where we try to share our information and come to the right solutions for improvement. In this, we act as a link between students and the management at the faculty.

Even though it may seem that education is very static, it is changing all the time. Courses are continuously improved and upgraded. The goal is for our students to be completely ready for practice when they leave the faculty.

Education Committee

Stylos has over twenty committees in which students organise events for fellow students. One of these committees is the Education Committee. This group of students organises aroud four education-related events each year, including workshops and lectures. You can contact the Education Committee via

Board of Studies

One of the board's commissioners of Education from Stylos is also student chairman of the Board of Studies (opleidingscommissie), an official organ consisting of students and professors who protect the quality of education and advise the dean and the managers of education of the faculty. This advice is mainly directed to developments on a bigger scale, such as the discussion surrounding a bilingual bachelor and uncertanties about internships and software. Find out more about the board of studies here.

Faculty Student Council (FSC/FSR)

One of the Commissioners Education from Stylos is an auditor at the meetings of the FSC of our faculty. We often react to complaints and ideas from students together. Click this link for more information about the FSC.

D.B.S.G. Stylos

Within the board the Commissioner Education Bachelor and Commissioner Education  Master are responsible for issues regarding education. If you have any questions you can always come by the Stylos office or send an email to also post updates on our Instagram.

Do you have any questions, complaints or ideas about education? You can leave your input at our online form.