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  • Dies Week: Senses

    The Dies week is coming! From 20 to 24 February Stylos will be celebrating its' birthday through a series of interesting and festive activities. The program includes several lunch lectures, a dinner-excursion, a masterclass and the Dies Party. These events will all be related to this year’s theme: ‘SENSES’. Check out the timetable to find out which events will be organized. This page will keep you up to date on all events!

  • Diesweek: Lectures

    The former McDonald's kiosk at the Coolsingel - once named as the ugliest building in Rotterdam - was reopened in 2015 as the McDonald's Pavilion, designed by Mei Architects. Michiel van Loon worked on this project down to the finest details and supervised? during the construction. The result; 'the fanciest McDonald's in the world, that he will tell you all about.

  • Dies 123: Senseless


  • Autocad Workshop

    In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of Autocad With Autocad you can easily make 2d drawings, which will form the basis for every architectural detail! Make sure to install Autocad before the workshop.

  • Professional Traineeship Q&A

    Two years ago the Professional Traineeship was implemented in the Netherlands to protect the titles of architects, urban designers, landscape architects en interior architects by the Architect’s Title Act. After two years, there are still many questions and uncertainties among students about the program and its value.

  • The Green Village

    The Green Village is currently working on making a design for a Co-Creation centre. They are developing this  together with various companies and professors of the TU Delft, such as prof. Rob Nijsse, prof. Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Royal HaskoningDHV and provincie Zuid-Holland. This Co-Creation centre accommodates a place for research, inspiration and workshops.

  • Photoshop workshop series

    In this Photoshop workshop series you'll learn how to prepare renders for your final presentation! The series consists out of 3 sessions:

  • General Members Meeting 2

    The second general members meeting of the academic year. 

  • BAU

    BAU is the annual carreer event of Stylos. 

  • BkTravel: Helsinki

    Stylos goes international again! From the 5th until the 8th of May BkTravel flies across the Dutch borders. The destination? Helsinki!

  • Excursion: Noord-Zuidlijn

    We will visit the Noord/Zuidlijn in Amsterdam with a group of architecture students on May 9th, from 1 pm until 2:30 pm. The excursion will be about the infrastructure and architecture of the Noord/Zuidlijn. We will be guided by famous Dutch architecture firm Benthem Crouwel Architects who designed the stations.

  • Exchange: ETH Zürich

    Sign up before Friday the 14th of April, 18:00 o'clock!

  • Stylos College Tour: Rau

    The design courses started again. This means that we can enjoy dozens of lectures about sustainability, but do we have the right approach to sustainable design.

  • Committee Interest Drinks

    Would you like to do a challenging committee next year? We are looking for enthusiastic students who would like to organize BkBeats, BAU or the Big Study Trip 2018! On Thursday the 18th of May, we organize a committee interest drink at the Bouwpub. Come and ask your questions to the (old) committee members. Apply for a committee here!

  • Rally: Hanze Tour

    The Rally 2017 is finally there! We are organising a tour for you and your friends from May 2nd until May 5th. This years' theme of the rally will be "Hanze Tour". We will travel through different "Hanze" cities in Northern Europe. Here we will set our eyes on the architectural masterpieces these cities have to offer us.

  • Architectural Photography Contest

    Do you enjoy architecture and shooting wonderful pictures? Then we want you! pantheon// and MediaCo have come together to organise a photography contest with the theme MIND. Get your gears (and lenses) going and send us your best photo with a chance of winning the prestigious main prize: a full page spread in the upcoming pantheon//.

    -        Max 3 photos (if you really can’t pick one) with a short description of no more than 100 words
    -        All sizes and proportions are allowed
    -        Both analogue and digital photography are permitted
    -        Resolution of at least 2 megapixels
    -        Criteria include composition, depth and corresponding to the theme
    -        Judging by experts
    -        Main prize: full page publication with an interview (+ eternal fame) in //pantheon, runner-ups receive a spot as well!

  • Lunch Lecture: What happened to my buildings?

    What do you do as an architect when it is as if your profession has been abolished and you would like to know whether what you have built is actually any good?

  • Case: Leiden City-entrance

    Are you curious how property developers and architects work together? And do you want to stand a chance that your design will be realised?

  • General Members Meeting 4

    The fourth general members meeting of the academic year. 

  • Midsummernight Festival

    Food trucks | caricature artist | S&C Silent Disco | Vintage Island | Jewellery store

  • Big Study Trip 2017

    This summer is a new edition of the Big Study Trip by Stylos. This years location: China and Dubai! We will leave with a group of 30 students on Monday, July 17 to head to Dubai. We will stay there for a short period of time to discover the exotic world of the Arab emirates. Next we will continue our trip to China. On Monday August 7 we will fly back to the Netherlands. The programme will be very diverse, meaning it consists of a combination of modern and traditional architecture, urbanism, culture, nature and relaxation. The total costs of the trip will be €1350 max (excluding the visa).

    Are you interested in joining us? Attend (one of) our pre-activities!

    - Lunch lecture NEXT Architects about their projects in China in the Orange Hall on Wednesday, January 18

    - Bouwpub interest drink on Thursday, January 19

    - Lunch lecture KCAP Architects & Planners about their projects in China in room A on Wednesday, February 15 

    - Bouwpub interest drink on Thursday, February 16

    The subscriptions will close on Sunday, February 19. Keep in mind that you have to write a small motivation letter!

    If you have any questions, you can always email us at reis@stylos.nl

  • One day exchange

    Are you curious about architecture at the Academy? Come join us on November 3rd to Amsterdam to visit the Academie van Bouwkunst. At the Academie van Bouwkunst we will attend their graduation show! This is a showcase of the graduation projects of students of the Master’s courses in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture. You can also vote on which you think is the best project! We will also visit the University of Amsterdam. At the Roeterseilandcampus of the University of Amsterdam we will learn about the campus development. Interested? Sign up before November 1st. This is a free event! (The tour at the University of Amsterdam is in Dutch)

  • Discussion | Contructivism

    Join us in a discussion about constructivism! Together we will watch the documentary 'Away from all suns'. Afterwards we'll discuss what we've seen and take the subject out of its context. We hope you all come and share your opinion with us! 

  • Exchange | Gdańsk

    Have you always been curious about how architecture is taught at other faculties throughout Europe? This year there will be an exchange which will take us to the old harbor town Gdańsk in Poland! Together with students from the Politechnika Gdańska we will explore the city, the rich history of Poland and work on an architectural project together! This exchange will take place the 5th-10th of February and will cost a maximum of €170. Stylos members only pay a maximum of €150. During this exchange everyone will have an exchange buddy, who will come to Delft later this year. 

  • Dies Natalis | Limitless

    In February, Stylos is celebrating its 124th dies natalis! This year's theme is 'Limitless'. The anniversary week will consist of Inspiring lectures, a discussion, an excursion, an epic party and much more! We will keep you updated on the upcoming events through our facebook event.

  • BkTravel | Leuven & Gent

    How well do we actually know our southern neighbours? Dive into the world of Belgian architecture, fries and beers together with BkTravel! 30 awesome participants, two days packed with activities and two amazing cities! All that is just a few hours away and for only a small amount of money! Local architects will take us along on a trip of Belgian masterpieces, as well as learning about beer in an afternoon of beer tasting! Of course there will be time for evenings out and other fun activities in the two university towns! Participate for just €80,-.

  • 24H Design Challenge |

    Are you a real night owl? Can you go on for 24 hours without any sleep and still manage to create a terrific design? Does designing on location sound appealing to you? Then join this 24H Design Challenge!

  • BAU 2018

    Visit http://BAU.stylos.nl/ for more information and updates!

  • Big Study Trip 2018 | Japan

    Get ready for the big study trip 2018! We are getting on a plane and we will fly to Japan this summer. Be amazed by the incredible nature and great architecture. As a committee we can ensure you this will be an unforgettable journey.

    So block your calendar from the 15th of July till the 7th of August. This three-week journey will cost about 203123 Yen (or €1500, -). A bargain, so take advance of this opportunity!

    Are you ready to eat sushi and enjoy the sumo wrestling? Sign up before Februari 23rd!

    If you have any question, please send us an email at reis@stylos.nl!

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