Link to the End of the Year Celebration: 

The end of the year is stressful, the temperature is dropping, and the radio stations have already exhausted the entire collection of Christmas songs. Still, there remains a shimmer of hope. Something to provide the inspiration and perseverance to make it through those final days before the holidays. Something warm, something for everyone, the End of Year Celebration!

Due to the current circumstances, the end of year celebrations will not be the same as previous years. Nevertheless, we have worked tirelessly to prepare an entertaining event for all colleagues and students.

On 17 December, tune in to a holiday-themed programme at The event will be hosted from 14:00 to 16:45 and will be officially kicked off by Dean Dick van Gameren at 14:05.

Holiday radio (14.00 – 15.15) (English)

  • 14:05 Christmas message from dean Dick van Gameren
  • Christmas wishes and stories from colleagues and students
  • Music provided by Groover

Livestream (15.30 – 16.45) (Dutch)

  • a challenging gingerbread house contest with Andrew Borgart
  • a holiday crafts segment to make your own Christmas decorations
  • an appearance from MaartenJan, our very own linguistic Youtuber

All in all, we seek to provide warmth and support during these cold and trying times. Come by on Twitch via this link and until then, we wish you the very best!