Join the Rally to the Ardennes, Paris and Bruges!

From the 26th till the 29th of May we are going on an amazing road trip to beautiful forests, the beach and the city of love <3. We will depart Friday in the beginning of the afternoon and come back Monday in the afternoon/evening. With a group of maximum 40 excited students we will drive to a different location every day, where we will do various activities. We will camp and eat together with the whole group and you will drive together with a small group.

The trip will cost a maximum of €90,-. This includes accommodation, activities and part of the meals. Sign up until Tuesday the 9th of May!

To sign up for the Rally, one person of your group needs to fill out the form below. To participate you must have a couple of things available for your own group: a car, tents (and a camping stove).

If there are too many applications, we will have to make a selection. We prefer full cars with 4/5 people, but less is also allowed.

For questions you can send an email to

Get ready for the Rally, racing, reuze gezellie!