A day in the working life of ... | Linda van keeken

“A day not spent at Architecture and the Built Environment is a day wasted,” and I mean it. I have been working full-time for this wonderful faculty since 19 June 1990.

Never a dull moment at the dean's office. We see lots of people and address lots of questions due to the fact that we are very approachable (I hope).

My personal responsibility is dealing with whatever concerns the dean, of course. Actually – and I know this sounds a little arrogant – I get to determine what his day is going to be like. Having total control over his diary is part of my remit. The dean also has my full support when it comes to managing his busy-busy-busy Inbox, and I get to give input on any issues concerning the faculty building and its occupants.

As I love this building so much, I often get involved in maintenance and services. This job belongs with the deanship as well. Who should be given access to the building and who should not? When should we proceed with the XXL openings? How do we deal with meeting rooms and how are we going to use the outdoor areas in future? In short: I’m involved in everything.

Besides this, I am the in-house emergency response coordinator and, on 12 November, I hope to complete my training to become Head of Emergency Response. As Head of Emergency Response, you are responsible for making a risk inventory for the building and writing evacuation and emergency response plans. I also take care of all of the admin regarding the faculty building’s in-house emergency response team. I see to it that they take all their courses on time and maintain their skills so we can respond to any calamity properly.

In 1990, I was asked to take minutes at a meeting of the Bouwpub board; this ultimately meant that I was stuck with the job, since I’ve acted as secretary to the board ever since. The Bouwpub is a really cool, dynamic environment for students who want to achieve things, especially in a social sense. Even during this coronavirus crisis we find ourselves in, the Bouwpub strives to provide a social environment for students and lecturers. The managers of the bar have done a sterling job and I am proud of the fact that we are the only faculty pub on campus that has managed to do that.

This bit of copy is too short to really give an impression of what my day looks like, but I can sum it up very sweetly: no day ever pans out the way I had thought it would that morning. And that’s what’s so nice about my job. Besides which: I keep learning every day.

I am proud to be able to help students and staff as far as possible and to make it possible for people to study and work at our wonderful faculty. I am also very proud of the fact that the Stylos board made me an honorary member last year. That really was the cherry on top; to me it shows appreciation for what I do.

The faculty and the occupants of the building keep me on my toes, and fit, and keep teaching me things. Every day...

So proud!