A mysterious object that appeared in our lives

I hear the zipper ripping open the pocket of her warm winter coat. Sunlight slowly enters. She takes me out and unfolds me rapidly so she can place me in front of her face. Why in such a hurry? I feel her breathing against me. Warm and moist, yet still cold from the fresh air she just inhaled while she rushed… here. I don’t even know where here is. Where am I? Where does she take me every day?

She scans her card against the wall which magically causes the door to open. I recognize the people at the entrance behind the desk. I can feel the corners of her mouth sliding upwards but the people behind the desk cannot see her friendly smile right through me, can they? We take a turn to the right and step into the first door. They are already here, the group of people that are here every day. Their faces are covered with a mask as well, all in different colours. Despite the colour variety I can identify with them. They are like me and I am like them. Different yet the same.

She starts talking. First, not so much. Just some simple words. But as soon as she puts down her bag and takes off her coat she walks towards the green couch. She hesitates whether she wants to sit down on the apple coloured piece of furniture or not. She decides not to. Instead she walks out of the office. Where are we going? Wait, I remember this hallway. After taking a turn to the left we enter a room full of mirrors. She walks past the mirrors and we disappear into a smaller room. I don’t like it here. I really don’t like it in here. Thank God, before I know it the door opens and we face the wall full of mirrors again. She seems to avoid her own look in the reflection while she is washing her hands. I don’t. I stare right at the black piece of cotton that covers half of her face. That piece of cotton, that’s me. This is what I look like. This is who I am. Sometimes I seem to forget but now I remember.

Suddenly she looks up at her reflection. I shift my viewing point and I am now staring at her deep blue eyes. See brings a hand through her hair and she slightly adjusts my position. That’s when I see there’s white letters written on me, very subtly in the corner. About you it says. I have never noticed this before. Is it just the name of a brand or is it true? Is it actually about you?