The day before the deadline | Christmas Story

An alarm went off. It took me a couple of seconds to react. One more day before my final presentation. One day more before the Christmas holidays. The night before I had finished all my drawings, and put them on three A1 size posters. I was quite happy with the result, apart from that one construction drawing. I knew it was wrong, but didn’t know how I could fix it. I decided not to think about it anymore.

I stood up and got dressed. Just to get in the mood of Christmas I wore my red father Christmas sweater. With a bit of difficulty I packed my bag and in a second bag I packed some bits and pieces of the model I had already started making. I stood in my room looking around me if I had forgotten something. My room felt colder than normal, it was also messier than normal: the whole floor was filled with drawings and my plants were in need of urgent water.

With a rush I went downstairs, it was already 8.30 and I had promised to be in the model hall at this time. I opened the front door and was surprised with what I saw. It had snowed! My inner child was very happy to see this. On the other hand the part of me that had deadline stress was very annoyed. How am I going to take parts of my model to the faculty without breaking it?

After a very difficult bike journey on my race bike, I arrived at our beautiful faculty. The front entrance was very quiet and everything was white. Finally inside all the quietness of the front square was gone, just like I had imagined. Students rushed by with their models, sketchbooks and posters. The dean and some professors were walking into the Berlage rooms. The bouwpub board walked past me with beer crates. A group of student rushed into the StylosHok, and at the same time two other members of the Stylos board walked the other way, their faced look very stressed. Just before stepping into the model hall I looked up towards one of the netpresenters. Now I got why they were in a rush. Today is the end of the year drinks.

The model hall seemed darker than normal, but the Christmas tree in the middle of the medallion changed the whole atmosphere. I walked to one of the large tables, where my friends were sitting. I took out all of my stuff claiming more space than any body else. I ran to the bouwshop to buy the last couple of things. I could finally start the last day before the holidays. A day of cutting, sticking and gluing had begun.

It is now 6.30. After a couple of holdbacks I could finally say that I had finished my model. Relieved I asked my friends and group mates if they wanted to grab a drink at the event taking place in the orange hall. Everyone was very enthusiastic and slowly we pack our bags and put the models/posters upstairs in the atelier.

Walking down the red staircase we could already smell the chocolate milk that was being served in the orange hall. The whole room was packed with people, teachers, staff, students… There was a band playing some jazzy  music on top of the orange staircase. I recognized the girl singing. I had worked together with her in my first year. It was now time to relax and enjoy this lively evening.

The hours flied past. Slowly the Orange hall emptied. I took my stuff and walked towards the front entrance. I saw some students cleaning the last bits and pieces from their tables in the model hall. Everyone was going home after this busy day.

I’m happy to finally be home. Satisfied that I finished everything for my presentation tomorrow and that I could also see a couple of my friends at the end of year drinks, I walked upstairs. On my desk there was an envelope. Inside the envelope there is a handwritten Christmas card from a friend. This makes my stressful, but joyful day complete.

Just as is written in the Christmas card. We, the Stylos Board, wish you a merry Christmas.