Top-quality education with the right facilities | ORAS

You may already have cycled across campus and saw some green-yellow flags fluttering in the wind. Maybe you already walked through the city center and you saw some ORAS logos on the ground. But what is all this for?

The Student Council elections will take place on the 2nd and 3th of June. The time of year where you as a student can make your voice heard! This year there are again 2 parties competing for a place in the Student Council: ORAS and Lijst Bèta. The party ORAS has been part of the central student council for 48 years and it represents the active and motivated student. According to ORAS the identity of ‘ The Delft engineer’ distinguishes itself from other graduates. As ORAS we believe that the Delft student should get top-quality education supported by the right facilities. And, as a Delft engineer you should have a lot of opportunities to develop yourself outside of your study. For example, by doing a committee, being part of a Dreamteam or running your own start-up.

Monthly the Central Student Council meets with the executive board of the TU Delft. In this meetings we give (un)solicited advice on topics that involve students and we have the right of consent on certain topics. Besides that, we come up with our own initiatives and ideas that we think need to be implemented at the TU Delft. Thanks to our constructive meetings with the executive board of the TU Delft and the employees there is now Collegerama, the XXL opening hours of the library, the MyTUDelft app and the virtual reality zone in the library.

In addition to these initiatives, we have achieved much more this year. For example, this year ORAS achieved that the BSA was lowered during the corona crisis! As a result first-year students do not have to obtain 45, but 39 ECTS this year. ORAS was also able to reopen the study places in Pulse after the TU Delft closed them due to the crisis. We also tried to help the students by organizing a WellbeingWeek together with 5voor12.

As ORAS we think it is important to keep in touch with student -, study – and sport associations in order to represent the students as good as possible. D.B.S.G. Stylos is one of the parties we are close with.

So, like other years, this year the campaign for the Central Student Council take place in May/June. In the past two weeks, we as ORAS have colored the campus and the city centre green-yellow with flags, banners, posters and paintings! You may also have seen some yellow polos walking around. Do not hesitate to reach out when you see us or contact us via mail or phone if you have any questions about the TU Delft, the campaign or just for fun!

In the coming week we will actively address the students and convince them why they should vote. There will also be a debate between ORAS and Lijst Bèta on Monday 31th of May. Both parties will be able to share their views on the subject of sustainability and quality of life at the TU Delft.

Sophie Verheugd, your external affairs commissioner, is with ORAS this year and can be found at number 22 on our electoral list. We also have 29 other Delft students on our list who all support ORAS and its vision. Do you want to know more about our vision and our points? Be sure to take a look at! Do you agree with our points, just like Sophie? Then don’t forget to vote for ORAS on the 2nd and 3th of June!

Article written by Charlotte Eijkelkamp