Lustrum - Bouwen met Delft 

Big, festive and sustainable: this is how the finale to the 26th Lustrum of Stylos will go. While everyone was enjoying the first two weeks of Lustrum, behind the scenes students were hard at work to realize a challenging project with sustainability at the center. The project, a modular construction made top-to-bottom from recycled material, will be the backdrop of the final Lustrum celebrations.

The building, titled ‘Bouwen met Delft’ (Building with Delft), consists of ten modules. These modules were designed by the Lustrum Committee in collaboration with several groups and foundations in Delft, such as Stunt, Taste!, Scouting Paulus and Kinderboerderij Tanthof. Each module has a distinct interior, made to suit a specific foundation. Among these are a module with an insect hotel, an outdoor study module and a bar. During the whole month of June the modules will be on display near the Nieuwe Gracht 174. Afterwards, they will be disconnected and brought to their final destinations.

The search for suitable recycled materials, like beams, girders, MDF and corrugated sheets, took the Lustrum team all over the country. But some elements could be sourced closer to home. A part even consists of waste material from Bkbeats! The project aims to show students and people in Delft that building with recycled material is not only possible, but can also be creative and innovative.

Another important part of this project is giving the residents of Delft an opportunity to learn more about our faculty and students. Several primary schools have been invited to participate in guided tours and fun activities. The project team also wants to bring students and people of Delft closer together through a series of events. The opening of ‘Bouwen met Delft’ will be celebrated with festive stalls, a community meal and lunch, and the Lustrum Midzomernacht (mid-summer night)! Keep an eye out for the exact dates and times on our social media. The building will als be open to visit outside of these events.

‘Bouwen met Delft’ will be constructed in the week of June 3rd until June 7th. We invite everyone to come visit, to lend a helping hand or just to see the team in action. This week will be a unique opportunity to learn hands-on how a modular and sustainable building is created. 

We look forward to seeing you at the building, or during one of our events. Together we will make this Lustrum an unforgettable and meaningful experience, where festivity and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Drop by, contribute, and experience the innovative ‘Bouwen met Delft’ from up close. See you at the Nieuwe Gracht 174!

This article was submitted to pantheon// by the Stylos Lustrum Committee. Find more information about the Stylos lustrum and Bouwen met Delft on our instagram: @d.b.s.g.stylos.