pantheon// mirroring Launch Event

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest Bouwko of them all? With the academic year approaching its end, it’s time to reveal to you our big secret. We are proud to announce that this years’ pantheon// will be launched next Thursday the 13th of June! And the best part: you are all invited! ;)

As you may have noticed already, our 29th volume of pantheon has the theme ‘mirroring’. From mirroring in architecture, to reflections found in Delft’s streets. From questioning the benefits of imitating design, to an interview with the Chief Government Architect and co-founder of Vakwerk Francesco Veenstra. You’ll find it all in our brand new edition.

Although pantheon// used to appear twice a year, this years’ committee decided to take a different route. By choosing to make our magazine an annual publication, we changed pantheon// from being really good, to being extraordinary. Having more time to think, write, design and create gave us the opportunity to improve the quality of pantheon//. Besides being busy making our magazine, we also worked on a more sustainable future! With a switch to a different press and a new pantheon// online article every week we have not been idle.

Next Thursday we will launch our beauty: pantheon// mirroring! With our presentation of the magazine and a ‘pantheon// behind the scenes’ event, we will give you an insight on how this edition looks and came into being. And what would be a Launch Event without a good lunch?! Of course there will be plenty of sandwiches waiting for you at the Oostserre during lunch time. 

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are! Come and bring all your friends to our L(a)unch Event at the Oostserre and pick up your pantheon// magazine at the Bouwpub in the afternoon! Hope to see you next Thursday! 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, you are the greatest Bouwko of them all! <3